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Social Media Profile Optimization For Students from Vijay S Paul

From my Session at College of Engineering, Chengannur. 
Have to agree, was one of the best crowd I have seen till date. With the morning session being this and the afternoon session being taken by Ajin on E-Mail etiquettes (which was another awesome presentation in itself), we joined up together on the last session on Resume Making for the students. A last minute thought up topic to utilize the left over time. Thankfully, it turned to be another fruitful session. The students had lot many questions to ask on, and we were glad to help them out with most of it.
Feels great to have been able to share some useful info with the next generation :)


Just one of those boring nights when you’re finished with your work and can’t decide whether to replay the levels of Cut The Rope or stalk some unknown people on Facebook…

I chose Option C - none of the above.

As I was scrolling lazily down my timeline in Facebook, I happened to lay my eyes upon an Ad. I don’t exactly remember what the Ad said but it was inquisitive enough for me to click it and make FB earn some quick bucks.

The Ad sent me to a FB App titled - Heineken Social Reporter: The Candidate. Now, the title of the app increased my interest level because 

  1. It had the words “Social” (And I somehow felt its something related to Social Media)
  2. Heineken, along with Hot Dogs and Barbecue is one of those things I haven’t tried but do want to try out as soon as I get a chance.

As it turned out, I was half right. Point 1 to be specific.

Heineken Social Reporter is a contest to find out “The Candidate” who would be reporting the weekend of the UEFA Champions League Finals 2013. And attend the parties! All that made proper sense to me to participate as I myself am expecting my passport in a few weeks and would love the first trip to be a free one :D



So, I applied, waiting to fill out whatever form would come with the wittiest answer in my arsenal, dreaming of the crowd and the feel of the stadium, imagining myself sitting in the VIP stands and….. this is what I get-



All dreams kicked out of the ground and I sit staring at the computer screen feeling trolled. With a Capital T!!

That feeling got over soon, but what hit my mind was, how poorly targeted the FB Ad Campaign of Heineken is. If it is meant to be for people above 25 then why can’t they target their Ads for the said group? Why is a 23 year old being shown the Ad? Why just waste money getting unnecessary clicks? And at times even trolling people like me who seriously wanted to participate in the contest…. :|

 Publicity might be a good excuse to the question of mine, but this exactly isn’t a viral contest where one would be so big-hearted as to share the news with others. Especially when they have no chance in the world of even participating! (That’s jealousy + disappointment talking).

Everything said, I seriously hope Heineken refines the targeting of their Ads. Else they would just be losing out money on an unnecessary scale and quite some fellas like me would be wasting their time, only to know they aren’t old enough to play the game…. Sheesh!!





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As the Union Budget was announced and Finance Minister made a significant announcement for women, with India’s first public sector bank for the fairer sex, it made me imagine how men would take a look at the concept!!

Guest Toon Post for Trak.in


With the Railway Minister declaring at the budget that there would be free Wi-Fi in trains, I took a shot on the humour side of it.

My Guest Toon post for Trak.in


Last year for IEEE Day 2012, October 2, I decided to hold a Twitter Contest for IEEE Members of Kerala Section, under the banner of IEEE Kerala GOLD. Since I was the Electronics Communications Coordinator for the Affinity Group and also in-charge of its Social Media activities, it actually WAS my duty.

The contest happened and was a success with the limited audience it was meant for. But the highlight was the fact that the total number of tweets made and the total impressions of #IEEEdayKerala was much more than that of #IEEEday2012. Do keep in mind that the audience for #IEEEday2012 was worldwide while for #IEEEdayKerala, was restricted just to the members of Kerala Section.

All said, I was truly ecstatic today when I noticed that the report of the contest (Page 14) had appeared in GOLD Rush, IEEE GOLD’s Quarterly Newsletter.

A real proud moment no doubt. Both for me and for IEEE Kerala GOLD :)





Shirt Ironed. Check.

Shoe Polished. Check.

Hair neatly trimmed. Check.

Looking Smart. Always!

D-Day. My first official interview. And I wasn’t scared at all. Petrified would be the more suitable word.

So, with the interview scheduled at 1115 Hrs, I decided to get ready as soon as possible. BANG! Guests drop in. And then the usual procedure - Hai… Yes, Doing good…. No, not jobless… No, not planning to get married anytime soon…. Yes, will be going for higher studies… blah blah..

I keep staring at mom and the clock and then the guests.

9:45 - Having Tea

10:00 - Still having tea

10:15 - Breakfast

10:29 - Screw everyone. Am leaving.

And thus, well dressed, clean shaven minus a bulgan, shiny shoes and headsets on as usual, I cycle off to the destination. As I cycle, my mind races. What questions will be there in the interview? Will everything go fine? What if I screw up? Will the cycle as a means of travel be a negative? Should I speak in Malayalam or English? Did I brush well in the morning? Did I…… Darn!! Forgot the “AXE Effect”. Forgot to spray :|  

Other than a couple of gazillion eyes staring at this mad guy on a cycle and the police trying to figure out whether I was over the speed limit or not, everything went pretty normal. Oh, and there was the one ecstatic moment when I overtook a BMW #FeltLikeABoss

Did I mention the BMW was being towed away?

So, there I was at the destination. 1100Hrs. Phew, not late. Thank You Kochi City Traffic Police for keeping all the lights green.

As I entered the office and sat down below the fan, I realized I was sweating. So much with the looking good and all. Luckily, by 1115Hrs I was back to my usual look-good-no-matter-what self.

And then, just as clock struck quarter past eleven, a knock on the door.

Guy - “Sir, May I come in?”

Me - “Yes, please.”

Guy - “Good Morning Sir, you had asked me to come for an interview.”

Me - “Yes. Please take a seat.”

And thus began the first interview for interns at my firm. I didn’t know who was more nervous. Me or him. But luckily, I did well if I may say so. :) . #ReallyFeltLikeABoss

What a Day!

Image Courtesy: PaulMillan.ie